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The alt text you already added ACCCRN was launched in 2008 and is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation as part of a US$59 million 9-year initiative aimed at building Climate Change Resilience.

This initiative aims to catalyze attention, funding, and action in three primary areas:
1. Experimenting with and testing local approaches to building climate change resilience for institutions and systems serving poor and vulnerable communities.
2. Promoting, demonstrating, and disseminating knowledge about these and other viable approaches.
3. Increasing awareness among funders, practitioners, policy makers and business on the need to invest in building climate resilience.

In Indore, there are 4 projects running under this programme:
1. Promoting cool roof and passive ventilation concepts for indoor thermal comfort.
2. Integrated and real-time vector/water-borne disease surveillance system: Indore
3. Conjunctive Water Management.
4. Peri-urban Lake restoration/conservation for creating emergency water management options.


About TARU


The alt text you already addedTARU was established in 1990 as an institution with trans-disciplinary expertise to engage with India’s development challenges. In 1996, it was registered as TARU Leading Edge Private Limited under the Companies Act, offering a commitment of cutting edge research and contextualized consulting services to its clients.

The last two decades have seen us working on a range of institutional, financial, economic, social and technical issues across diverse public systems, cultures and corporate formations, in more than a third of rural and urban domains of India. This includes 28 States and Union Territories, 30 major urban centers across 18 states including 15 million-plus cities. TARU also works in South Asian countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

TARU’s expertise is primarily in six core sectors: Disaster Risk Management & Climate Change, Governance & Institutions, Natural Resource Management, Social Development, Urban Development, and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Within these sectors we undertake policy analysis, strategy development, action research, programme design, project management support, assessments and evaluations. Our clients include grassroots institutions, INGOs, bilateral and multilateral organizations, as well as States and Central Government.

We are committed to quality, accuracy and succinctness in our consulting services. The TARU team of professionals has extensive national and international experience, a strong network of advisors, consultants, partner institutions, associations from different parts of the world.


Improving the quality of life of people

To provide contextualized solutions to current and emerging challenges

Our sectors:

Our presence in Madhya Pradesh:
TARU had been working in Indore from past 6 years, we are constantly striving to build climate change resilience. Below are some of our projects.

1. Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN India) Phase I (2008-2009)
2. Phase II (2009-2011); Phase III (2010-ongoing).
3. Water system for Resilience to Climatic Variability and Social Vulnerability (2009-2011).
4. A study on Para-Transit System in Indore City (2010-2011).
5. Exploratory study to asses existing conditions of Wet Markets in urban areas of Indore and Surat (2011-2012)
6. Study on measuring the Public Health and Road Safety Benefits of the upcoming Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in Indore (2011).
7. Testing and Promoting Decentralized Systems for Differential Water Sources and Uses (2011-ongoing).
8. Establishment of an integrated Vector and Water-borne Disease Surveillance and Response Systems (2011-ongoing).
9. Peri-urban Lake restoration/conservation for creating emergency water management options (2012-ongoing).
10. Promoting cool roof and passive ventilation concept in range of urban buildings (2012-ongoing)

For more information: www.taru.org


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