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About the Projects

“Peri-urban Lake restoration/conservation for creating emergency water management options”



a“Ensuring availability of local water resources during emergencies.”
This would be achieved by developing replicable model for peri/urban lake rejuvenation and conservation. Since lake conservation would require catchment treatment and prevention of pollutants flowing in to the lake, engaging with multiple stakeholders would be critical for achieving these objectives.




This project would demonstrate following technologies in at least two lakes and their catchments:

Project Component

All these activities would be taken up with active collaboration of resident welfare associations, real-estate developers and Municipal Corporation.






This project is based on multi- scale solutions starting from neighborhoods & small townships to catchment level interventions. Multiple stakeholders including households, real estate developers to ULBs would be engaged to explore options and to implement the lake conservation programme. On-site treatment wherever feasible, prevention of contaminant flow through drainage lines, prevention of solid wastes from mixing with water, and solving water balance challenges at every level through linkages with higher and lower scales would be the approach that would be followed. Site/community context would be the basis of design.




1. Stabilized/improved water quality and perenniality of the restored lakes
2. The multi stakeholder owned lake restoration technique is replicated in other parts of the city and other cities
3. The method informs policies on urban water body conservation